Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My first time (blogging)

This is my first ever blog post. In fact it's the first time I've ever really considered creating a blog. 

I needed a way to open the tap, let out some of the things that swirl around and around in my head but never really go anywhere. 
This may not have seemed like the most obvious way, why not write myself a letter? Or talk to a close friend? I've tried that. A letter to myself doesn't really go anywhere, I write it down and yes, it's out of my head but then I read and re-read and its back in there. Talking to a friend? You never really think about what you want to say, you miss bits out, the conversation evolves and other subjects arise, you can never go over what's said, take bits out and change bits. 
So this is why I've decided creating a blog is the way forward. I write it down its out of my head but I'm sharing it at the same time. And it's gone, out in the open! 

After all, life goes on.